We make clean environment optimal for ultra precision machining by outdoor dust collector, thorough temperature control, etc. 

Machining Facilities

Machining facilities are lined up abundantly such as 60 and more units of surface grinder,  2000 pieces of grinding wheel, etc.

Inspection Facilities

We introduced profile projector, CNC image measurement system, etc. to provide products to make customers satisfied.


We take various measures to make and keep an optimal environment for ultra precision processing.


One of them is the introduction of our external dust collector, which vacuums dust and chips released in the air while processing and collects them to out of the plant, allowing for a cleaner work environment.



Furthermore, the room temperature of machining and inspecting is maintained at 22 +/-0.3 degrees Celsius throughout the year(*)  to avoid loss of accuracy in our machines due to temperature changes.


(*)Except company holiday.

Machining Facilities


Kind Manufacturer Model Number of Owned
Surface Grinder Mitsui High-tec MSG-250M* 51
MSG-250H2 2
MSG-250HMD 3
MSG-300HG 1
Punch Former Various Manufacturers 6
NC Grinder MEISTER(NC)* 7
WEDM Seibu Electric & Machinery Ultra MM-50B 2
EDM Mitsubishi Electric MEMH8N 1
NC Profile Grinder TECNO WASINO GLS-5P 1
GLS-5T 1
Jig and Tool In-house Within 1µm for parallelism and straightness Many
Laser Marker Miyachi Technos SMARK ML-7112 AH 1
Inspection Facilities

In order to provide products with a high customer satisfaction rating, we implement strict inspections such as acceptance inspection of material, intermediately inspection during each process and final inspection before shipping.

Block gauges to be standard for dimensional measuring are proofread regularly by external agency.

We inspect our products rigorously with many measuring facilities and follow a strict delivery date. 


Kind Manufacturer Model Number of Owned
Profile Projector Nikon Instech V-16E 3
V-20B 1
Mitutoyo PJ-H30 4
Microscope TOPCON TUM170EH 1
Measuring Instrument SONY 0.001mm Read 20
0.0001mm Read 1
Nikon Instech 0.0005mm Read 5
HEIDENHAIN 0.0001mm Read 1
CNC Image Measurement System Nikon Instech NEXIV VMZ-R4540 1