Declaration of Health Management

We hold a philosophy: "Make the impossible possible, Supply products with high creativity, and Contribute to society".


To sustainable development as a trustable company, we need to continuously supply enough accuracy and quality to meet customer satisfaction.


We believe that employees health is source of all, and support health promotion of mental and physical proactively.

Policy of Health Management

Nurture and Support Employees Health Management Ability

Employees should to be honest with health of themselves, and to manage it proactively.

For that, company will provide opportunity to improve employees health management ability.

Provide Healthy Working Environment

Company will provide environment to employees work safely without any worries, and consider them for working cheerfully and healthy.

Actions of Health Support

Health Management & Promotion

Work Style Reform

Measures against Infectious Diseases

Health Management & Promotion

We try to health promotion in order to each employee keeps mental and physical health, shows the best performance, and provide good products which meet customer satisfaction.

Annual Check Up

All cost for gynecological examination and vaccination against influenza in annual check up are paid by the company.

Measures Against Passive Smoking

To save non-smokers rights, smoking is completely forbidden indoor and is accepted only in separate area outdoor.

Improve Working Environment

To reduce the risk of workers health damage, we measure dust concentration in working area and be evaluated by inspection institute.

Considering for Elderly Employees

To make elderly-friendly working environment, we provide bone-conduction earphone, hearing aid and glasses type magnifying glass for elderly workers.

Measures Against Out Of Shape

We support preventing employees lack of exercise through radio calisthenics in every morning and participation in softball match.

Communication Reform

To adapt new work style, we advance using of new communication tool such as Slack.

Work Style Reform

To make working environment each employees chooses various and flexible work style by his or her life stage, spends prosperous life, and shows skills sufficiently, we try to expand system and measures.

Flexible Work Style

Staggered working hours for family reasons such as care of elderly or child is available.

Various work style is possible as much as company allows.

Support for Women

In addition to cover all expenses for gynecological examination, we encourage employees to use maternity and paternity leave. Rate of have returning to a workplace after giving birth is 100%.

Introduction of Remote Work

We introduce remote work proactively to improve employees work-life balance through reducing commuting time and increasing spending time with family.

Measures against Infectious Diseases

We do various measures against infectious diseases to save health of our employees and customers.

Furthermore, we do preventive measures against COVID-19 conformable to "The New Lifestyle" advocated by Novel Coronavirus Expert Meeting, and "Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Offices" established by the Federation of Economic Organizations.

  • All cost for vaccination against influenza in annual check up are paid by the company.
  • Hand sanitizer and COVID-19 antigen test kit are prepared within the company.
  • We distributed masks and lent portable air purifier to all employees. 
  • Covers to prevent the dispersion of airborne droplets are set up to every workspace in the factory.

Certification of Health Management Office

By being evaluated our measures to advance employees health promotion, KSK was certificated as a health management office by Oita prefecture in 2020 and 2021.


We will continue to effort ceaselessly for every employees can show the best performance in the future.