Machining Facilities

NC/CNC Surface Grinder

We own 57 Surface Grinder and 9 Forming Grinder.

Abundant number of owned enables flexibility dealing with request of a short delivery time.

Profile Grinder

Expand and project workpieces on screen, and process details and outline with ultra high accuracy.

Also, rounded objects can be processed.


Taper and complex profile can be realized with high accuracy regardless the hardness of material.

Wire of dia.0.05~0.3mm can be equipped.

Grinding Wheel

We own more than 2,000 pieces of grinding wheel.

By selecting the optimal one depending on the contents of processing, various materials can be precision ground. 

Punch Former

Arc shaped punch can be form processed by combining this with surface grinder. Cylinder peripheral processing and cone shaped processing can be also available.

Inspection and Measuring Facilities

CNC Image Measurement System

Automatically measuring dimensions and profiles of solid object with high speed and accuracy.

Measuring with high speed and ultra high magnification can be available.

Profile Projector

Projecting optical image of inspected object on stage with correct magnification, and measuring dimensions and profiles.

This is active on inspection precision parts for industries of automotive, machine tool and electronic components.