Our Business

Technical Consulting

We provide the optimal solution for improving product life and shortening delivery time based on vast experience and know-how!

Ultra Precision Machining

Please feel free to ask us even if you were turned down by other companies.

We pride ourselves in our confident know-how and vast facilities!

Reform Engineering

Worn and broken functional part can be repaired with KSK’s ultra precision processing technology!

Technical Consulting

We dedicate ourselves to the improvement of product life, cost reduction and shorten delivery times by utilizing know-how regarding ultra precision processing that has been cultivated since our foundation.


We propose the optimal solutions to meet customer's needs via complex analysis including careful assessment of processing methods and materials, modification profile of functional parts.

Please feel free to ask us if; 


- If the wear rate of your functional parts is high; and


- If you would like to decrease processing costs.


Case-1 Design

The above image is a conventional concave design (left) and a taper design that we proposed (right).


Although the EDM-processed concave design requires a much higher process fee, our taper design allows for a one tenth cost reduction while keeping function and strength as the original one since material manufacturer molds before firing.



We not only provide precision processing, but also optimal offers for our customers.


Case-2 Profile

Comb-tooth-shaped punch is used in tie bar cut process.

We worked on improvement of profile as per customer's demand that comb-tooth is easy to break.


We focused on tooth root side.

By changing profile of the corner from right angle to semicircular, we received customer's voice that the durability of tooth root was improved and comb-tooth became hard to break.


(Left: Another company designed/ Right: KSK designed)

Case-3 Method

We produce comb-tooth-shaped punch by grinding with using grinding wheel.


In WEDM, an intense heat higher much than 3380 degrees Celsius that is melting point of tungsten is applied, and it lead to decline the durability of functional part.


On the other hand, in grinding, a heat higher than above melting point is not occurred, and characteristic change of material is quite small.

Additionally, machining cost is also reduced since multiple parts can be processed at the same time.

Ultra Precision Machining

Our strength is ultra precision machining by the optimal combining of material, method, machine and grinding wheel while using full of abundant machining facilities and technical know-how.


In addition to cemented carbide, various materials such as general steel, special steel and ceramic can be processed.

Dimensional accuracy of +/-1µm can be sustained not only in single processing but also multiple processing.


Furthermore, mirror finishing is also our strong asset. Within 1µm accuracy for lapping, and 0.1S for surface roughness can be realized.

Reform Engineering

At first glance, the following parts (left) look like a simple cube, but this is actually made up of 9 parts (right).


We repair damaged functional parts by using high level technology just like as this seamless finish to solve issues of worth down or damage rapidly.

This also allows us to reduce cost and delivery times.



We can also help to provide improved function of conventional parts via Reverse Engineering.